Strategy. Planning. Execution.

“People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.”

Oasis Quartz believes that it is crucial to plan your project’s budget and timeline and it is also vital to give yourself enough time to talk through the anticipated needs of each construction phase and any road blocks you may face. Delays are a part of just about every construction project, but with the proper strategy, planning and execution they won’t bring everything to a grinding halt.

Our process

We provide a personalized and
upfront process for each customer

Installation of a custom Quartz surface is one of the final steps to any new build or remodel project. To ensure you stay in budget and within your timeline, we recommend you schedule your initial consultation at least 15 days before the estimated project completion date. Call Oasis Quartz at 801-898-2816 for your free consultation today.

Oasis Quartz will work with you to set up the best time for your free in-home or on-site consultation with one of our expert craftsmen. This process will involve talking through your design plan, measuring the space to get the needed dimensions and develop a strategy to meet your style and performance requirements. Our Quartz expert will prepare an estimate to include a project budget and timeline.

Once you have reviewed the overall plan, it’s time to talk about details. Depending on your design aesthetics and performance needs; Oasis Quartz will suggest the best Quartz provider for the project. Each of our providers feature trademark options and based on the size and scope of the project, we will help you select the right manufacturer for the perfect Quartz surface.

There are several crucial steps involved from the initial consultation to a project’s completion. We will re-measure on-site to ensure installation goes smoothly and place the order with the manufacturer. At this stage we may create templates for customized projects. When the Quartz arrives from the provider, we inspect each piece for quality assurance. When the prep work is complete, we are ready for installation day.

Everything comes together quickly when installation day arrives. The area will be prepped and the water supply will be shut off with kitchen or bathroom projects. Then we perform a ‘dry run’ to make sure each piece is accurately fitted and levelled. Next, the joints are set and sealed with an adhesive. Painters tape is used to cover the Quartz edges and protect other surfaces. Finally, the water supply and drain will be hooked-up (when applicable). Et voilà, after a final clean-up and wipe-down your new Quartz surface is ready for a lifetime of use!

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The expert craftsmen with Oasis Quartz are happy to answer your questions and provide valuable advice and feedback to help you achieve your desired design aesthetic. We are committed to providing each and every customer with  professional, friendly service and a quick turn-around time.

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