Oasis Quartz is proud to offer a full range of custom Quartz options for your home, outdoor space, office or investment property. Whether you are renovating, designing a new space or starting from the ground up – we provide access to the highest-quality Quartz materials, expert advice, prompt and courteous customer service and professional installation performed by skilled Quartz craftsmen.

We understand that your style is reflected in your home, that’s why we’re happy to work with you to custom-build your countertop design to match your home’s personality. Oasis Quartz is committed to providing each and every customer with the highest-quality Quartz countertops, professional installation and superior customer service.

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The diverse options of Quartz makes it an ideal countertop solution for many homeowners and business owners, alike. Trendy colors and luxurious textures can portray a modern or minimalistic look while natural tones and patterns can create a traditional and elegant aesthetic.


Countertops are often the focal point of the kitchen and bathroom. So, when you choose to renovate these areas, it is important to choose a countertop with durability and timeless beauty to withstand the next few decades. The versatility of Quartz makes it the perfect material for any budget, style and application.


Choosing the right material for a new or renovated outdoor kitchen area, gazebo and fireplace or firepit is the key for years of entertaining and enjoyment. Not only is Quartz low-maintenance, non-porous, stain-resistant and non-absorbent, it is also hygienic to protect you, your family and your guests from outdoor germs. Quartz countertops and surfaces are ideal for any outdoor project.


There are several advantages for choosing Quartz for your home. The beauty and durability of Quartz makes it ideal for entryways, bedrooms, dining areas and craft or work spaces. Active families benefit from Quartz countertops in the kitchen and bathroom because they do not scratch easily, need very little maintenance and are non-porous which means it does not harbor harmful bacteria.


The non-porous surface of Quartz is easy to keep clean and will not harbor bacteria, making it an ideal solution for restaurants, health care facilities and high-traffic public areas. Know as a nearly-indestructible material, professionally-installed Quartz from Oasis Quartz will continue to function and look as good as new for decades to come – even with heavy use.

A premium Quartz surface is the best choice when you compare the countertop material choices on the market today by maintenance, durability and price. Let us help streamline your commercial countertop project with a wide variety of colors, patterns and edges to choose from. Available in 1cm, 2cm or 3cm slabs.

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