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Oasis Quartz recognizes that the incredible beauty and resilience of Quartz make it a premium and affordable material for everyday countertop projects or more intricate, elegant custom designs. We are committed to providing each and every customer with a stress-free, one-stop-shop process to achieve their vision. 

who we are

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Matt Elder

Contractor/Sales Representative

Matt Elder is licensed in the state of Utah with a R100 Residential License and a Small Commercial License. Matt takes tremendous pride in his craft and is a respected subcontractor in the state of Utah. With a dedication to detail and fine-tuned craftsmanship, Matt understands that the future of Oasis Quartz is directly represented in the life-long legacy of every Quartz countertop installation and customization project.

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The expert craftsmen with Oasis Quartz are happy to answer your questions and provide valuable advice and feedback to help you achieve your desired design aesthetic. We are committed to providing each and every customer with  professional, friendly service and a quick turn-around time.

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